-Can I trust your website?

The short answer is that we do our best to provide all that customers order in a timely and hassle-free manner, our track record speaks for itself. TrustPilot ⭐

-How does "Express Delivery" works?

Across all other packages we offer 'Express Delivery', which refers to within 12-24 hours delivery. In the case of any significant or unexpected circumstances delays can occur, however our team will let you know of these circumstances and remain in contact to ensure the process continues to go as smoothly as possible.  


-About our boosts for your own account.

If you buy a Boost for your own account, we need your login details. They will be requested during the order process. We use this information only for the login through our booster to unlock your desired content. 

After your order has been completed, we will contact you by mail and inform you about it. Afterward we delete your login data from our system for data protection reasons. Regardless of this, we recommend that you change the access data for your account after we have informed you.


If you buy a ready-made account, we do not need any login data from you. You will receive a complete account, made especially for our customers, with which you can start playing immediately.


-After I ordered, what are next steps?

You will get an E-mail from our Support. They will assist you through the process and will let you know the status of account.


-I didn't received a message on E-mail , what should I do?

Check your Spam/Junk folder. In case you didn't find it, join in our Discord Server and create a ticket in #support Channel. Discord


-Can I play during the boost process or do anything else?

No, once we joined on your account to boost it, you need to stay off and do not access your account until you get an E-mail confirmation that your order is done.